dodge challenger body kit

People love modifying their Dodge Challenger because you can easily upgrade it to make it look sporty, and aggressive and can even get a sleek look. A body kit is fundamentally an assortment of parts that gives your car a unique upgrade. On the surface, people only see it as an enhancement to appearance, but most of the Dodge Challenger body kits do impact its functionality. Out of all available modifications, a Dodge Challenger body kit tends to make the biggest impact visually.

If you are not sure whether a body kit modification is worth it, there are a couple of modifications that have previously proven to show amazing results in terms of performance and aesthetics. Maxton Design UK ensures that they deliver top-quality body kits that will make the modification worthwhile.

Check out these amazing modifications to consider for your new purchase:

Install a front splitter

If you want your Dodge Challenger to have an aggressive stance, then it is best to lower its suspension. You can purchase a Front Splitter Dodge Challenger RT Mk3 Facelift or a Front Splitter Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Mk3 from Maxton Design UK to eliminate the wheel gaps as well. This Dodge Challenger body kit will enhance the visual appeal and will definitely turn heads while you. To ensure that our products are not mixed with fakes available in the market, you will find a holographic verification sticker. Apart from exhibiting dominance, these body kits will also improve the aerodynamics of your Challenger.

Get a Center Rear Splitter

Attached to the center of your car’s rear, this Dodge Challenger body kit is all about improving the look of your sweet ride. Central Rear Splitter Dodge Challenger MK3 Phase-1 SRT8 Coupe is specifically designed to fit a Dodge Challenger and will surely look great. Made using ABS plastic, this Dodge Challenger body fit will withstand some pressure and will improve the overall performance of your car.

Contact Maxton Design UK for more information. Our team will help you opt for the right material and the product that will make your car look amazing.

By Clwyd