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Looking for an excellent and contemporary method of extending or developing a livable space? Loft conversion North London are gaining popularity because it offers a cost-effective solution, yet there are several types of conversions that you can invest in.

At BCS Building Contractors Ltd, we believe in providing a complete plan and competent resources to achieve the task of converting the unutilized space into something amazing and useful. We offer innovative loft conversion solutions owing to years of practice and a professional team of experts. Our loft conversions are not restricted to one kind.
We offer diverse types of loft conversion North London including:

Full Rear Dormer
If you plan to make alterations and extensions to the existing roof to create additional space, opt for a full rear dormer loft conversion. It is the most common conversion, and our team of professionals will manage it easily without any disruptions.

Mansard Conversions
Named after the French Architect Francois Mansard, this loft conversion is done to the rear of the building. It is a kind of loft conversion that has a flat roof and an inwards sloping back wall at an angle of 72 degrees. Mansard conversions typically necessitate planning consent owing to huge changes to the structure and roof shape. BCS builders will facilitate you to get planning permissions without go through the lengthy process.

Hip to Gable
Hip to Gable loft conversions North London add a substantial amount of headroom to a property and offers a functional floor space. BCS Builders Ltd offers this type of conversion and will strip the roof’s back to the top of the hip ends. Moreover, they will complete the process by building a roof and lengthening the ridge to meet the gable. It will require you to reconstruct the front of the roof, which we are skilled to do.

L-shaped Dormer
BCS Contractors also offer the L-shaped dormer loft conversion. It is generally considered the best method of extending a mid-terrace building to make the most available space. By choosing an L-shaped loft conversion, you can generally add two bedrooms and a bathroom.

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