Ever wondered why scrap cars Hull service providers are willing to pay a handsome amount for a piece of junk? Your accidental car or an old vehicle might be a piece of junk or metal to you, but for scrap car purchasers, it is more. These companies or individuals will salvage the parts that can be utilized or sold. So if you have a car that is beyond repair or offers low efficiency, then you must consider scrapping it.

Another important factor is the environment. If you think that you will be contributing to the environment and decreasing the carbon footprint through scrap cars Hull, then you are on the right path. At Combo Cars, we will purchase the car from you and dismantle it correctly by disposing of hazardous fluids. Our team of professionals is careful when it comes to protecting the environment, which is why a major chunk of the scrap cars is recycled.
Major materials that can be utilized again after scrap cars Hull are:

Your junk car does have windscreens or windows. The glass taken out from scrap cars Hull is used for several purposes. These are sold and turned into fiberglass insulation, concrete blocks, glass bottles and might even be turned into countertops.

Another major component that can be reused is aluminum. It is becoming a famous alternative for car manufacturers. It is not only light in weight but also offers numerous benefits such as braking, acceleration, better fuel efficiency and protects the overall environment by lowering CO2 emissions. The best feature is that you can recycle it 100%. Even though it is a widely accessible element, but aluminum gathered from scrap cars Hull can be utilized to produce packaging, cans, castings, and other cars.

Burning off tires is now unlawful as it generates thick, black smoke that discharges toxic gasses and combustible oil matters into the air. Scrap car buyers have discovered numerous ways to utilize the material from tires. Instead of burning it or filling up landfills, these recycled tires make children’s playgrounds, asphalt for road surfaces, and artificial turf.

At Combo Cars Ltd, our mission is to reduce the carbon footprint which is why we follow the recycling guidelines provided by the government.

By Clwyd